At JCDC, we work with leading electronic data capture (EDC) technologies suited to your requirements and adapted to a decentralized/virtual trial approach.

We offer an end-to-end Clinical Data Management solution including:

Biostatistics services

At JCDC, we have a dedicated biostatistics department with an eminent biostatistician of international repute heading the department. Our bio statistical services can be customized to your individual needs as we have a wide experience in the design and analysis of clinical trials ranging from parallel group, cross-over and Bayesian designs to complex (population) pharmacokinetic- and dynamic evaluations, therapeutic equivalence testing and large variable sample size.


Jehangir Hospital, along with its research arm Jehangir Clinical Development Centre (JCDC) has a strategic tie up with Basel, Switzerland based Clinerion. We are the first hospital in India to bring its patients access to international clinical trials by joining Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer (PNEx)  platform. Patients of JCDC gain visibility on Patient Network Explorer for matching to international trials run by sponsors around the world.

JCDC has established a strategic alliance with a virtual clinical trial platform provider. Consilx. The platform called LifeLedger™ is a patient focussed platform for Patient enrollment, eConsent, Patient data capture, and Clinical supplies tracking in a single application. With this JCDC can offer its clients efficient, reliable, & trusted ways of conducting virtual clinical trials by leveraging technology

JCDC works with Clindox which has a user friendly and agile EDC platform called CRFWeb CRFWEB provides an end-to-end solution to design a study, collect data, manage and validate that data and then report on the outcomes. Remote users can access mobile technology, collating data while with a subject and recording it in real time directly to their database. 

User Friendly &
Agile EDC
User Friendly
and Agile
  • End to End EDC
    Solution which is 21
    CFR part 11 compliant
  • Advanced tools
    including EPRO/e
    Patient Diaries, Patient
    mobile interface and
    Randomization tools
  • Integration with
    MedDRA and othe dictionaries
Clinical Trial
  • Consilx which has a patient focuse platform called Life Ledger
  • Patient Enrollment, eConsent Patient Data capture, and Clinical supplies can be tracked in single application
  • Life Ledger has the
    capabilities of e Source and
    eCRF within a single
Trial Master
  • Use of Veeva Vault which is Online repository of Site / Trial Master File (SMF / TMF ) documents.
  • Veeva Vault helps
    Manage documents in
    real-time to bring in
    efficiencies of remote
    monitoring, inspection ,
    readiness, increased
    visibility and oversight ,
    and improved
Big data
  • India partner of  US
    Headquartertered TriNetX
  • Access to 250M+ patient
    record the partnership
    aims to make available
    real-time information on
    aggregated patient
    populations , accross
    institutions &

During the pandamic , the above platforms were deployed on several projects, consented over 2,500+ clinical trial participants using eConsent ; ePatient diary and maintaining
eTMF documents; thus using efficient reliable , and trusted  way of conducting virtual clinical trials by leveraging technology