We have wide experience in clinical trials having accomplished around 320 clinical trials since inception, wherein more than 8,000 subjects have participated. These studies span a variety of therapeutic areas, including oncology, hemato-oncology, endocrine diseases, rheumatology, paediatrics, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, respiratory diseases, dermatology, general medicine and medical devices. 


The oncology department at JCDC is a well-known leading center for oncology in India. Our team of oncologists and hemato-oncologists are of International repute, having enormous clinical expertise across solid tumours and haematological malignancies.

  • Successfully completed around 100+ Phase I to IV International and national clinical trials in breast, lung, ovary, colorectal, prostate, head and neck and gastrointestinal stromal tumours
  • Apart from solid tumours, we have completed 25+ clinical trials in haematological malignancies like chronic myelogenous leukaemia, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, follicular lymphoma for various cancer molecules.
  • Successfully competed an academic study in early breast cancer in association with Tata Memorial Hospital and have enrolled 308 subjects within a period of one year.

Our team consists of endocrinologists and diabetologists of international and national repute,

  • Conducted 60+ long term and short term outcome studies on Type I and Type II diabetes
  • Growth hormones for paediatric population, diabetic foot, ulcers, diabetic neuropathy, hyponatremia and osteoporosis.
  • Experience of several nutritional product studies for Type-II diabetes.
  • JCDC has been the partner of choice for multiple COVID-19 studies.
  • Successfully completed vaccine studies including the prestigious Oxford-Astra Zeneca (Covishield) study
  • Conducted several studies including new therapies for treatment of Covid-19, repurposed drugs, alternative therapies, and other supportive treatments and preventive therapies.
  • JCDC facilitated a real world data collection study (CTRI/2020/05/025371) by providing data of over 1,000 Covid 19 cases across 8-10 hospitals.
  • Always exceeded enrolment target set by sponsors for Vaccine studies
  • Was selected for the prestigious Oxford-Astra Zeneca (Covishield) study in addition to other vaccine studies for Covid-19. Experience of flu vaccine studies
  • Successfully completed adult and paediatric trials in HPV vaccine serum studies.
  • We maintain a large database of around 2,000 healthy volunteers for vaccine trials.

JCDC through its sister concern Linq Labs has experience of over 120+ studies in antimicrobial hand wash studies for a US sponsor. This includes HCPHW testing, EN1500 testing and CHG compatibility studies. JCDC has capabilities of conducting the following studies:

  • End to end testing services which include protocol development, IRB/ Ethics committee clearance, study conduct, data collection and analysis and report generation. Linq Labs has a database of several thousand active healthy volunteers
  • Standards used: ASTM E2315, E1174, E2755, E1115, EN12791, ASTM 1054, ASTM E2946, ASTM 2939, USP 51, ASTM 1838, E1153, E2315
  • ​Testing is done on wide range of microorganisms which include all kinds of aerobic and anaerobic organisms
  • Log reduction studies including EN 1499, EN 1500 testing, CHG compatibility testing, MIC/MBC testing
  • Hard surface disinfectant & sanitizer evaluation
  • Anaerobic cultures, sensitivity testing

We have on our panel a leading paediatric endocrinologist of international repute and several well qualified paediatricians with extensive expertise in paediatric therapies.

  • Experience in clinical trials on growth hormone, insulin, oral hypoglycaemia, vaccines and inhaled steroids
  • Areas of idiopathic growth hormone disorder, diabetes mellitus and childhood asthma.
  • Experience of several nutrition studies on Indian school children


  • Experience of over 20+ clinical trials till date
  • Experience in new drug delivery systems for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, juvenile arthritis, etc.
  • Significant clinical trial experience in novel stem cell therapy in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis non responsive to standard of care, systemic lupus erythematosus and other related areas.
  • Senior psychiatrists, psychologists with experience of over 50 clinical trials
  • Conducted studies psychiatry, schizophrenia, depression and maniac depressive psychosis, etc.
  • Experience of over 20+ clinical trials till date
  • Experience in clinical trials in conditions like Severe Psoriasis, moderate to severe Atopic Dermatitis, Acne Vulgaris, Androgenetic Alopecia, Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infection
  • Use of biomarkers in skin biopsy samples.
  • Successfully faced a US FDA audit for one of our dermatology studies
  • Proficient team of cardiologists and cardio surgeons performing interventional cardiology, cardiothoracic and vascular procedures.
  • Cath Lab, ICU and Cardiac Recovery are supported strongly by advanced state of the art technology.
  • Experience in clinical trials on various areas like chronic stable angina, acute coronary syndrome, atrial fibrillation, acute coronary syndrome with diabetes, heart failure, lipid lowering agents, hypertension as well as stent studies etc.
  • Clinical trials involving screening programs for early detection of cervical cancer and various vaccine trials add to our credit.
  • Conducting a study with WHO of HPV vaccine for prevention of cervical cancer, enrolling over 5000 female subjects.
  • Our chief investigator is of international repute and works in conjunction with Johns Hopkins, USA in the field of women controlled options in the prevention of HIV transmission from male partners. She is regularly working with HIVNET, CONRAD, HPTN, NIH in the United States and with NACO and ICMR in India for studies involving colposcopy.
  • Our department of neurosciences and neurosurgery is a renowned centre for providing care to all neurological injuries and emergency Neuro-care such as epilepsy, paralysis, movement disorders, head injuries and accidents involving the head or the spine.
  • Experience of clinical trials in cerebral venous sinus thrombus, stroke management, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and intracranial haemorrhage, Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Highly reputed team specializing in total knee replacement, total hip replacement, complex trauma services, paediatric orthopaedics, sports medicine, medical and surgical management of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ligament repair and reconstruction, arthroscopic treatment, physiotherapy services.
  • Experience of clinical trials on deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis in total hip replacement, total knee replacement, arthroscopic surgery and tibia fractures.
  • Experience in medical device trials with international clients for the same.
  • Conducted clinical trials in Type II diabetic nephropathy as well as in polycystic kidney disease, erythropoietin in chronic kidney disease and molecules in urinary tract infections etc.
  • Completed trials in fields like Ulcerative Colitis, Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis, Alcoholic liver disease and Cholestatic Liver Diseases etc.
  • (COPD) Interstitial Lung Diseases, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and allergic Rhinitis.
  • Conducted trials in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
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Therapeutic Indication Invastigator Name Qualification

I Oncology Dr. Mangesh Mekha MD (InternalMedicine)
DM (Medical oncology)
Oncology Dr.Sanjay Piplani DM (Medical Oncology)
MD (Medicine)
DNB (Medicine)
II Hemato-Oncology Dr. Vijay Ramanan DM (Clinical Haematology)
DNB (General Medicine)
Hemato-Oncology Dr.Subramanian Kannan DM (Clinical Haematology)
DNB (Generat Medicine)
III Endocrinology Dr.Mohan Magdum DM (General Medicine)
MD(Geriatric Medicine)
Dr. Shreerang Godbole DNB (Endocrinology)
MD (Internal Medicine)
IV Paediatric Endocrinology Dr. Vaman Khadkar MD (Paediatrics)
Dr. Anuradha Khadilkar MD (Paediatrics)
V Nutrion/ Nutraceuticals Dr.Anuradha Khadilkar MD (Paediatrics)
Dr.Bela Gandhi MBBS , MD
VI Psychiatry Dr.Sanjay Phadke MD (Neuropsychiatry)
VII Dermatology Dr.Pradyumna Vaidya DNB (Dermatology)
Dermatology Dr.Sunil Tolat MD (Dermatology)
VIII Rheumatology Dr. Nachiket Kulkarni DNB (Medicine) Fellowship in Clinical Rheumatology
IX Orthopaedics Dr.Nilesh Kamat DNB (Orthopedic)
Dr. Rahul Damte MS (Orthopedic)
X Pulmonology/Chest Medicine Dr.Mahendra Kawedia DNB (Respiratory Medicine) MD (TB & Chest Medicine)
XI Infectious Diseases Dr.Piyush Chaudhari DNB (Internal Medicine)
XII Vaccines Dr. Vikram Padbidri M.D. (Microbiology)
XIII Paediatrics Dr. Sanjay Bafna MD (Pediatrics)
Dr. Bela Gandhi MD (Pediatrics)