Our expertise is in over 20 major therapeutic areas

A separate dedicated clinical research facility within the hospital premises complements the work of the investigators by providing them vital administrative and infrastructural support. This is the JCDC model.
This has made us a distinctive network of investigator sites allowing us to gain the trust all top ten pharmaceutical companies and most of the large international Contract Research Organizations worldwide.

Our expertise is in over 20 major therapeutic areas including Oncology, Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Medicine, Microbiology Respiratory, Gynaecology, Nutrition etc.

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  • JCDC has built a highly interactive database of 300+ sites and 3,500 Investigators across India covering all major therapeutic areas
  • We have done detailed enquiries from each of these sites on 52 data points. Further, our interactive tool can drill down the site/ investigator details using single or multiple combinations 
  • This database can expedite site identification after which study-specific site feasibility and Site Qualification Visits can be conducted

The scope of our service include

Our project management and study coordinators provide support to the investigators in speedy recruitment of patients. A database of thousands of patients admitted in the hospital and those availing out-patient facilities across therapeutic area is maintained to aid in recruitment. This ensures that patients from various ethnic backgrounds and demographics are considered for the trial.


Our full time staff of Project Managers, Quality Assurance managers and study co-ordinators ensure that planning and execution of the clinical trials is smoothly managed from start to finish. Our experienced project management makes every effort to deliver results error free and within the specified time frame.

We effectively address all the training needs of our investigators by organizing ongoing and refresher in ICH GCP, Schedule Y and trainings required for effectively conducting a trial. Besides, we organize outside training on a regular basis to keep both our staff and investigators abreast of all latest trends especially in technology in order to hone their proficiency.