Linq Therapeutics Pvt Ltd.

Linq Therapeutics Pvt Ltd.​

Established in 2015, Linq Therapeutics Pvt Ltd. (Trade Name: Linq Labs ®) is a group company of JCDC. Linq Labs is a DSIR recognized innovative and niche research laboratory which has a Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Serology and Microbiology laboratory facility in Pune, India.

Linq labs boasts of a state of the art world class digitized and characterized biobank with its own bio-repository for retrospective requests.

Moreover Linq labs has relations with over 100 partner hospitals in India to fulfil your prospective requests.

Largely, Linq labs offers the following:

  • State of the art world class digitized and characterized biobank.
  • A Bio-Medical accelerator and facilitator; catering to start-ups with innovative and ground-breaking ideas in the field of Biomedical innovation(s), including medical devices. Along with our partners, we cover all major areas of Biomedical research including in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical trials​​
  • Expertise in antimicrobial efficacy testing for a range of products such as cosmetics and healthcare products.
  • Expertise in-vitro studies with a wide variety of cell lines. Linq Labs has the unique advantage of working with both primary as well as secondary cultures

Our aim is to translate discoveries and boost innovation in the bio-medical space to ultimately impact the society at large.

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